Photo Shoot CollageI ended up taking a somewhat unplanned blogging hiatus these past few weeks, because sometimes life is crazy and hard and even a little meh, and not bloggable. BUT, even though things have been a little meh and not entirely bloggable, there are plenty of awesomely fun things I do want to talk about, like PHOTO SHOOTS IN GOLDEN GATE PARK. I got one for Ethan for his birthday because that is the kind of cheesy thing one does when one is 34 and a parent. And because it is nerdy good times to pour giddily over all the family pics afterwards during dinner on a Friday night, your glass of Pinot and your baby monitor perched squarely beside you on the kitchen island before you collapse in bed at 9pm. See? Nerdy good fun.

ANOTHER NOT-FUN-AT-ALL THING but one still worth addressing: Moving. We moved! Moving itself is worse than that half hour when you’re waiting for your epidural. BUT… having moved is boss. We’re so psyched to be back in our new/old house, and Kiddo is just as psyched because we bribed him into loving his new digs by buying him a train table and train set. The train table and train set is his new live-in nanny, and we are all going to be veeery happy together.

The best part about the train table is clearly that it occupies my almost-2-year-old for long periods of time. But the next best thing about it is that there are several “bridges” that are part of the set, and my child has learned to say the word “bridge” in such a (to us) endearingly cute way that we are UNDOUBTEDLY going to have more children now. I mean that one word is biology screaming at us to have more offspring. I kid you not. I don’t even know if I can phonetically spell this word, but it sort of sounds like “bwidgch.” I mean, come on.

Speaking of cute, I heard possibly THE CUTEST EXPRESSION IN THE WORLD the other day. I was talking to a nurse who was telling me about her 2-year-old son, and when I asked her what kind of work her husband did, she said, “he’s a home daddy.” It took me about two point seven seconds to realize that she meant a stay-at-home-dad. But, OH MY GOD, “home daddy”? That is SUCH A BETTER TERM. If ever get a chance to use that gem in a sentence, I’m gonna.

Home daddies aside, I’ve missed this space and all of you over the past few weeks and am really, genuinely happy to be back. More “un-meh” posts to come. xox