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My post on getting-your-toddler-to-eat is featured today over at The Chic Site – check it out! And read below for a preview.

One of my favorite things to talk about is how totally and categorically unprepared I was for parenthood because I had no idea that I’d have to make what are essentially management decisions for a three-foot-tall employee whose favorite word, after Elmo, is “no.” But here I am, parenting a two-year-old, and I’m not sure how or when the shift happened, BUT OH IT DID: I now find myself spending entire hours and even days thinking exclusively about strategies for getting my kiddo to — wait for it — eat. Not learn the alphabet, or help old ladies cross the street, or become a math whiz or even just a decent human being. Put food into his mouth and chew.

I’m pretty lucky, as far as eating goes; my kid actually LIKES food. From what I’ve gathered from other parent friends, getting small children to peacefully and efficiently consume three small meals plus two healthy snacks a day is a little like coaxing a panda bear cub to wear pants. It seems like kids fall into one of the following categories: a) picky eater who only likes carbs or incredibly specific Farmer’s Market niche fruits b) not picky eater who gobbles anything and everything in the house, causing the parents to make multiple runs to Trader Joe’s in one day c) generally agreeable eater who will down a variety of foods but insists on doing it WHILE watching Thomas the Train WHILE wearing a certain bib WHILE holding an Elmo fork WHILE sitting in Daddy’s chair.

Thankfully, my 2-year-old is not one of those overlapping Venn diagram children who only eat niche fruits WHILE watching Dora the Explorer (if your kiddo is, you win). My little cherub lands squarely in Category C: he consumes a good mix of healthy and not-so-healthy foods (loves avocado! Super obsessed with Puffs!). He’s just — how should I put this? — discerning about the way those foods are delivered to his palate. Click over to The Chic Site for more… and feel free to leave a comment. xox