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No, not my child, my husband, sushi or Harry Potter. Those would be way too obvious. I’m talking about these four things. And once you hear about them, you won’t be able to live without them, either. You’re welcome.

1) My American Apparel Fanny Pack. I wear it on jogs. I wear it on hikes. I wear it just walking around my house. I didn’t wear it when my kiddo was tiny but I wish I had. (Oh, you just sat down to breastfeed and you wish to God you knew where your iphone was? BING – it’s in the fanny pack!) Don’t lose your keys or your money or your kid’s binky EVER AGAIN JUST BUY THE GODDAMNED FANNY PACK AND GET OVER YOURSELF okay rant over, done.

2) My pant-skirt. There is a whole post extolling the virtues of this garment so I’ll just point you there. Not included in the post: I have since discovered an adorably tiny little zippered pocket in the back that is perfect for storing one stick of gum. Not terribly practical but major points for cuteness.

3) My indestructible iphone case. It’s called the Survivor and it’s definitely designed with mountaineers in mind, not moms. But really, what’s the difference?

4) These apps/websites: Uber (the best cab that’s not a cab ever that you can track on your phone, bam!). Waze (don’t take the wrong route and get stuck in traffic because that would be dumb. Side note: if you download this app and then don’t understand how to use it, press on the pig icon to get started. Yeah, not intuitive). Instagram (because every mom needs instant gratification and people to like the pictures of their kids even when they aren’t actually good pictures). (cheaper than a lot of drugstores and it comes to your door and then suddenly you have detergent at 11pm when you open the box and it’s magical).

What are your must-have, lifesaving, “I am a parent now I don’t have time for this bullshit” things? Tell me about them below! xox