We have another baby in our lives besides our actual baby. No, not a dog. Not a chia pet — a house renovation. A couple of lovely friends who know about the house sich have suggested that I “start a blog about house renovations,” which sounds fabulous, but let’s just say that Ethan would (justifiably) lose his sh** if I started another blog. (Two is quite enough). So… I thought I’d write periodically about the reno here.

The skinny on the house is that it’s a teeny old Victorian (1886!) that survived the 1906 earthquake and earthquake-induced fire but had never really been updated in a whole century. It still had a creepy dirt basement running the length of the house that was only really usable for storing trash and skis and creeping people out. Space in San Fran is super scarce, so when we bought the house, we were psyched that the previous owners had started the permitting process to turn the creepy dirt basement into another floor, plus a garage. Three years later, we’re finally doing it. It’s probably going to give me even more gray hair than I already have. But if we pull it off, it means we can live in our house for a lot longer. (Those outside of SF: I know it sounds crazy to excavate UNDER one’s house and take out tons (literally) of dirt so you can dig another floor or two. I know it sounds crazy that you have to do all this while not changing the facade of your house because it’s historic. I know it sounds crazy to not just move to the suburbs and bypass all this trouble. We city people are crazy. I think it’s something in the water. Luckily, we’re living in a temporary apartment while all this is going on because our house is literally not accessible right now. It’s probably for the best – Ethan (I mean, ahem, Leo) wouldn’t like all the noise and sawdust.)

PHOTO CAPTION: The big hole under our house.