We now officially have a pajama drawer — or, as our 2yo refers to it, a “night” drawer. Here’s the deal: Leo LOVES all of his pajama shirts, which wouldn’t you, I mean they all have awesome animals on them like bumblebees or tigers or trucks (not technically animals, but tell that to a crane-loving toddler). He loves them so much that when we open up his dresser drawer to let him choose a “day” shirt, he inevitably picks a “night” shirt with a giant pink fish on it. I don’t have a fundamental problem with letting him wear a night shirt all day, except that we have all these “day” shirts and it seems like they shouldn’t go to waste and also I’m already a lax parent so enforcing SOME rules doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. But given the choice, my kiddo will always choose the pajamas.

And so. Ethan came up with the brill idea of creating separate “night” and “day” drawers so that when it’s time to get dressed in the morning, we can open the proper drawer and voila, Leo won’t SEE the trucks/animals/tigers/fish and be tempted to choose them. (This whole theory is inevitably flawed because in about a day he’s going to figure out the drawer thing and start opening the PJ drawer and then we’re screwed). But it’s been working so far, which means we can pat ourselves on the back for about three seconds for successfully troubleshooting one tiny parenting task. Yay.

In other news: I just posted here about Day 20 of my “writing diet,” so check out the post to hear how that’s going. If you don’t want to click over and read it, I will summarize it and say 1) it’s going 2) I’m writing 3) I’m reading some good books 4) I need to get that rubber thing that goes around the driver’s side door of my car fixed because it’s falling down and THANK YOU random OnTrac dude for yelling through the car window this morning, “YOUR RUBBER IS FALLING DOWN.” It was right in front of my face but THANKS.

How is your own diet (whatever that may be!) going?! Are you reading anything wonderful and lovely lately? If so, tell me about it! And also. Do you have a pajama drawer? xox