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A fond farewell...

Thank you so much for joining me on this parenting journey of the last few years. It's been a dizzying and exhausting, but joy-filled, adventure. I won't be continuing to blog here because kids + novel writing = negative amount of time left for other pursuits, but please enjoy my past posts. For the latest on what I'm up to, visit me at


My Toddler is a Sharing Genius

Like, four percent of the time. The other 96 percent of the time, he’s a normal 2-and-a-half-year-old who truly believes that if he has to share a toy, he will cease to exist. Like, he will literally explode or self-combust if he has to relinquish the random red ball he just picked up that he doesn’t actually care about. That’s how dire the situation is (you know you know what


Okay, but the thing is… trains.

Some kids have security blankets. Some don’t go anywhere without their favorite teddy bear or stuffed cat or Elmo doll. My toddler isn’t any different, it’s just that he has forty-seven security blankets, and they are called trains (actually, they are not all called trains, they have specific names and identities like Percy, Gordon, Edward, and Balloon Car. FML). I have no problem with my kiddo being a train aficionado;


Potty training for dummies

I feel like everywhere I turn, I keep hearing about/seeing/schmoozing with toddlers WAAAY younger than my own 2-and-4-months-year-old who are potty trained — as Leo would say — “ALREADY!” (He loves adverbs. He doesn’t always use them correctly). I know girls often potty train a lot faster than boys, or at least this is what I tell myself in the witching hours of the night when I wake up wondering


Festive! (or trying to be)

Ugh, I miss daily (and even weekly!) blogging so much, but I guess I don’t have to explain that finding enough time in the day when you have a toddler around is like finding that tiny Lego part he is obsessed with but that will never ever ever surface again in this lifetime. Life feels all about trying right now (and not just trying to go potty). I am trying


On Writing. On Happiness. On Elmo (what else?)

I have completely lost track of what day of my “write every day” project I’m on, which is the bad news, but the good news is that I HAVE been carving out time to write (sadly, working on my novel hardcore means less blogging time, but that’s ok, you were probably kinda sick of me, anyway). The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of writing, momming, revving up for