So my kiddo, at two years old, is full on talking now. He’s not like, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or anything (though we do have a good friend whose same-age son can say “it’s a grand old flag” — you know who you are and your kiddo is OUTLANDISHLY CUTE). But Leo is definitely pointing to the “purple bicycle” and “purple oos (shoes)” and saying “Mommy drive car” and “Tootie Monster eeping (Cookie Monster sleeping).” Sure, I’m the only one on the planet besides Ethan and possibly one random baby whisperer who can understand what the heck he’s talking about, but when I do (roughly 80 percent of the time), it freaking kills me.

I’m going to tell you a little family secret. Ethan loves the way “Tootie Monster” sounds as enunciated (ie. garbled) by our 2-year-old SO much that he will go out of his way an extraordinary amount to prompt our kid to say it. Like, he will blatantly ignore all the other characters in Leo’s Sesame Street books and ask him to identify “that blue person over there”, to the point where I’m pretty sure Leo is going to wake up tomorrow determined to never say Tootie Monster again. But I really hope that doesn’t happen, because it’s damn cute.

Nobody ever warned me about what would happen when my kiddo started stringing words together. Besides the fact that every new word turns my Grinch heart to molasses, I am just so amazed by how fast that little brain is working, how much he picks up just by virtue of being a person. I mean he freaking learns new vocab every MINUTE. Should I be reading him Shakespeare or some shit? Because he is getting a LOT of Curious George and Lorde but not a whole lot of the Bard. I am simultaneously awed by the sponge-ocity (not a word) of his brain and terrified that HE’S LEARNING EVERYTHING HE KNOWS FROM ME.

Which also means that our kiddo’s first swear word is coming soon. Thank goodness nobody but me, Ethan, and random baby whisperer will actually understand it.

What cutelicious things are your kiddos saying right now? Brag below! xox