No, I’m not talking about these (although green jeans are pretty rad).

One of my goals with this blog is to learn more about how to live greenly and discover (and compare and contrast—since, yes, this is ninth grade English class) green and eco products. So far, we’ve switched out a bunch of our cleaning products to Seventh Generation brand—as we have with our diapers—but that’s been the extent of it.

Once a week, I’ll check out a new green blog and look for products that seem like must-haves (or at least “interestings.”) Next week: The Honest Company. Is it like Honest Tea? Because Ethan loves that stuff.

On a (slightly) related note, I was at Day One in San Francisco the other day and spied the ultimate Bay Area toy: a green recycle truck. If I were into twitter hashtagging, which I’m not because I kind of don’t really understand it, I would start one called #getemyoung.