Ugh, I miss daily (and even weekly!) blogging so much, but I guess I don’t have to explain that finding enough time in the day when you have a toddler around is like finding that tiny Lego part he is obsessed with but that will never ever ever surface again in this lifetime.

Life feels all about trying right now (and not just trying to go potty). I am trying (read: trying) to write my novel. I am trying (again: trying) to keep my and my kiddo’s and husband’s lives sane and sleep-filled. I am trying to remember to actually take my vitamins. I am trying to send you a holiday card. Swear. Anyway, I felt the desperate urge to BLOG BLOG BLOG! today, so here’s a short and semi-sweet post (don’t you want semi-sweet chocolate chips now that I said that?)

Here’s what my kiddo is up to. He “NEEDS MORE TUNNELS!” He also “NEEDS MORE TRAINS!” Major excitement going on in the transportation world, apparently.

Here’s what my husband is up to.  He “NEEDS MORE SLEEP!” He also “NEEDS AN HONEST TEA!”

Here’s what I’ve been up to. Reading. Writing. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner (that’s over, thank EVERYONE). Gearing up for a holiday season of… absolutely nothing. Seriously. We’re not going anywhere or doing anything. I could actually use some ideas for festive things for our family to do in San Francisco like, on Christmas, for example. Festive things a 2yo will enjoy. All I’ve come up with so far is baking cookies. There will be no snow, so please no sledding recos. Thanks in advance.