photoIt’s been a busy summer. Not because it was specifically SUMMER (my kid is too little for camp or to know the difference between today, and say, Elmo), but there was a lot going on. And so I didn’t blog much. And that’s okay. But I’ve missed this and all of you and I’ve missed the routine of coming here to write and give myself free therapy. This summer, our family moved (post to come about that!), then I helped my parents move (I’m a professional mover now, FYI. I don’t lift things, but I can tell you the best place to donate your old shot glass collection, and by donate I mean throw away). I helped out my family a lot because my mom was sick but is doing lots better (love you Mom!) and now I will take this opportunity to advertise the super cool headband she knitted me, pictured above. Don’t be fooled: I have had negative zero time lately to accessorize, I mean I barely get pants on in the morning, and my wardrobe exclusively consists of the same pair of jeans and a rotation of four-shirts-plus-Converse. But the other day, we were going to some friends’ house and I decided to throw thirty seconds to the wind and artfully arrange, I mean slap on, this headband. Life looked a little rosier, but maybe that’s because I couldn’t see what I looked like.

This might be the most random, jumbled post I’ve ever written. Oh well. I just generally want to tell you all that I’ve come to a conclusion this summer, and it’s this: my favorite-est things ON THE PLANET are spending time with my family, writing, GOING TO BED EARLY, showering, GOING TO BED EARLY, and Pinot Grigio, in that order.

I am all about the routine these days. In fact, I love routine so much that I want to just totally and completely surrender to it and go to bed at 10 for the rest of my life.¬†Obviously, I’m (slightly) exaggerating. But if you have small kid(s), you know how much it matters that Child A napped, that Child B went to bed on time and wasn’t cranky, that Mom and/or Dad went to bed on time and wasn’t cranky, and that there was a nice, soft hypoallergenic pillow waiting for you when you rested your weary eyes. You know how they are always saying sleep begets sleep, and it makes no sense because why would your kid sleep longer at night after taking a jumbo afternoon nap? Well, I don’t have the answer for that because I’m not Dr. Oz, but the fact is, sleep begets sleep FOR PARENTS, TOO. Ethan and I are far happier when we’re well-rested. We exercise more. We eat healthier food. We’re more patient and have more energy to put together the train set tracks for the one hundred and seventeenth time.

I am just going to be uber-ly obsessed with my routine these days. I need-want to get my life running seamlessly (don’t laugh, it might theoretically be possible in like a parallel universe or something!) so that I can carve out the time to finish my novel, and not stress so much about the dishes, and have a healthy amount of time left to roll around on the floor with my almost 2-year-old. And maybe even slap on a headband.

How obsessed are you with your routine? How often are you willing to break it? What time did you actually, truly go to bed last night? xox