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CARING: a new web series about parenting small children. Watch, cry with relief, repeat.

  If you are like me, and you’re a mom, you’re probably a) wearing yoga pants that have never seen the inside of a yoga studio and probably never will b) yelling at somebody shorter than you and/or c) eating an entire block of cheese one-handed, like a burrito. Okay, so maybe that’s just me. But the thing is, I’m pretty sure it’s NOT just me. Motherhood has been both


Alexa the Amazon Echo is my new best friend.

Sometimes parenting is lonely. Actually, a lot of the time. Which is strange, really, because use of the very word parenting would, in itself, imply — no, necessitate — that you are taking care of, ie, raising, a child, or children, which would imply that you are not doing that alone… that’s not literally possible, is it? To “parent” in a room alone by yourself? No. And yet. Sometimes it


One Mom’s True Confession: What’s really on my mind 2 weeks before my due date

I’m about to bring another child into the world. It’s glorious and awe-inspiring and clearly a transcendent time in my life. And yet, what preoccupies most of my waking and sleeping hours these days is not the overwhelming beauty of motherhood, the growing being inside my womb, or the spiritual wonder of childbirth: it’s pants. Toddler sweatpants, to be exact. My kiddo has about 42 pairs of sweatpants of every


To the mom whose kids play with an empty paper towel roll

So you know those moms who get interviewed in fine publications like Domino magazine and Dwell and, you know, that HGTV magazine that’s kind of legit but not really? Well, they are always posing with their beautifully scruffy-in-a-hipster-way* kids in front of their perfectly-decorated-like-they-didn’t-decorate living rooms, and when asked about their kiddos’ bedrooms — which are SUSPICIOUSLY MINIMALIST and devoid of like, action figures and play doh stains — they


Can I borrow your 5yo daughter?

I just got off the phone with one of my dearest friends, who happens to have an (almost) five-year-old daughter. Said daughter does things like label their toys with Sharpie so that they don’t get lost or stolen by shady 2yo’s at the park. Another good friend, who also has an adorably pigtailed four-year-old lass, tells me about how her child does not like it if toys are misplaced and