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5 Genius Tips for Traveling with your Toddler

So it’s been like, three point seven days without blogging and I’m already in withdrawal. I guess this really is like (free!) therapy for me. Who knew. Anyway, our New Zealand trip has been lovely so far, and I’ll make this short because I’D RATHER BE OUTSIDE ON THE BALCONY SIPPING WINE (which will only happen if a) my toddler wakes up from his nap happy and b) I can


Long (and by long I mean VERY LONG) Day’s Journey

We took Leo on a road trip yesterday that lasted seven and a half hours. It was either brave or completely and totally inadvisable: depends on whether you want to high five us or just point out that we’re idiots. Your call. Miraculously, the trip went fairly well, though Ethan and I treated every second like we were about to step onto enemy lines, and at one crucial leg of


All I Want for Christmas is for You to Take a Nap

My 15-month-old decided to stage about 13 nap protests this past week, while we’ve been traveling, and between the time change, a slight cold/cough, the fact that he has made it quite clear he’d like to switch to one nap from two, and his “revelation” that we’ve been sharing a room with him, it’s been — how shall I put this? — slightly like getting a wild bear cub to


Flying with Your Toddler

A seriously short post today because it’s been one of those days (read: weeks) where Leo staged several nap protests and discovered spaghetti (happy he liked it; not happy about the state of our floors, clothes, and hair), and I accomplished essentially nothing, but I think my baby and his stuffed sheep solved world peace (they spend a lot of time together in the crib chatting. It’s getting serious). I


A Weekend Away

Ethan and I took our first trip away from Leo this past weekend. It was actually my first night away from him since he was born 14 months ago. Less on purpose than just circumstance, but either way, it felt like time to rip off the bandaid. Guess what? We survived. And we actually relaxed. And I worried waaaay less about my baby than I thought I would (thanks to