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Potty training for dummies

I feel like everywhere I turn, I keep hearing about/seeing/schmoozing with toddlers WAAAY younger than my own 2-and-4-months-year-old who are potty trained — as Leo would say — “ALREADY!” (He loves adverbs. He doesn’t always use them correctly). I know girls often potty train a lot faster than boys, or at least this is what I tell myself in the witching hours of the night when I wake up wondering


Toddlers. Mealtime. Venting Session Starts Now.

My post on getting-your-toddler-to-eat is featured today over at The Chic Site – check it out! And read below for a preview. One of my favorite things to talk about is how totally and categorically unprepared I was for parenthood because I had no idea that I’d have to make what are essentially management decisions for a three-foot-tall employee whose favorite word, after Elmo, is “no.” But here I am,


To my kiddo on his second birthday

Dear Leo, It’s your birthday — you’re TWO. I know you’re still mastering that whole “counting” thing, and that’s fine, we love it when you count to Elmo. Anyway, two probably feels kind of like one and not all that different from three, so no worries if you’d rather think about trucks than the meaning of your 730 days on this planet. I used to think two was so “old,”


Family. Bedtime. Wine. Showering. In that order.

It’s been a busy summer. Not because it was specifically SUMMER (my kid is too little for camp or to know the difference between today, and say, Elmo), but there was a lot going on. And so I didn’t blog much. And that’s okay. But I’ve missed this and all of you and I’ve missed the routine of coming here to write and give myself free therapy. This summer, our


Meet your new co-founder: Daddy

I was recently trying to explain to a friend what one of the biggest unforeseen challenges as a parent has been for me, and I finally figured out a way to pithily sum it up, and that way was this: “Imagine you and your spouse have been going along your merry way for years now, happily coexisting, when BAM! Somebody tells you that you now must run a company together.