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Category Archives: house and home


Family. Bedtime. Wine. Showering. In that order.

It’s been a busy summer. Not because it was specifically SUMMER (my kid is too little for camp or to know the difference between today, and say, Elmo), but there was a lot going on. And so I didn’t blog much. And that’s okay. But I’ve missed this and all of you and I’ve missed the routine of coming here to write and give myself free therapy. This summer, our


The 4 things I can’t live without

No, not my child, my husband, sushi or Harry Potter. Those would be way too obvious. I’m talking about these four things. And once you hear about them, you won’t be able to live without them, either. You’re welcome. 1) My American Apparel Fanny Pack. I wear it on jogs. I wear it on hikes. I wear it just walking around my house. I didn’t wear it when my kiddo