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Family. Bedtime. Wine. Showering. In that order.

It’s been a busy summer. Not because it was specifically SUMMER (my kid is too little for camp or to know the difference between today, and say, Elmo), but there was a lot going on. And so I didn’t blog much. And that’s okay. But I’ve missed this and all of you and I’ve missed the routine of coming here to write and give myself free therapy. This summer, our


Anti-Fashion Friday: The Pant-Skirt

I promised somebody (okay, me) that I’d post an Anti-Fashion Friday, so here it is. Let me preface this by saying that I follow a ton of fashion blogs like Bethanimalprint, Kelly in the City, Lemon Stripes and This Time Tomorrow (go read all of those NOW they’re AMAZING!), I love ogling all the chic looks, and I even imagine a future me taking cute selfies in a pair of


When do you find time to exercise? No, seriously. When?

I love to exercise. I’m not an athlete by any stretch, and I would most definitely be picked last for any game except Quidditch (okay, fine. I wouldn’t even get picked for my favorite, broom-stick-enabled team sport because I’m hopelessly afraid of heights. Dammit!). I’m not wholly uncoordinated; I did ballet pretty seriously in high school, even though I got a late start and was pretty much always cast in