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Family. Bedtime. Wine. Showering. In that order.

It’s been a busy summer. Not because it was specifically SUMMER (my kid is too little for camp or to know the difference between today, and say, Elmo), but there was a lot going on. And so I didn’t blog much. And that’s okay. But I’ve missed this and all of you and I’ve missed the routine of coming here to write and give myself free therapy. This summer, our


To Work or Not to Work: Not Really the Question

I’ve been a parent for all of a half second, and that’s something I emphasize a lot on this blog, because I am literally a non-expert when it comes to parenting, and even though I am admittedly awesome at reading Goodnight Moon and should probably record an ebook version of it, I would be mortified to think that somebody thought I thought I knew what I was doing, because I


How I “Seize the Day” all the time, except when I don’t

Parenting a toddler dictates that you constantly think of “what’s next,” because if you don’t plan for the future, you’ll be screwed, quite literally, and by screwed I mean that you’ll be stuck in traffic heading over the Bay Bridge with no snacks, no milk, no “appa” (water) and a child who desperately and understandably just wants to get the freak “DOWN.” I’ve never been much of a planner (or


“Mom Crush Monday” with June Nho Ivers

This is the second in a series of posts about moms I’m currently crushing on. Today’s featured mom, June Nho Ivers, is a film producer and videographer currently living in Seattle. June spends her days teaching her one-year-old daughter how to dj and edits video during nap times, because she’s that productive and efficient (it’s a gift).


The hardest year (and a half)

I knew before having a kid that taking the plunge into parenthood would change so much about my life, and that it would be vaguely “hard.” What I didn’t know was that it would be significantly harder than anything I had ever done in my life, including being pregnant, which isn’t exactly fun on wheels, but let’s not forget that it’s temporary, unlike motherhood, the most un-temporary thing ever invented.