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Have you written that novel yet? Day Two

It’s Day Two of my Writing Diet, and this new “hold myself accountable” thing, well, it’s WORKING… so far. I wrote words yesterday, and maybe they were crap words, but they were words. Today? More words. But most importantly, I’m teaching myself to prioritize. SO WHAT if there are dishes in the sink or beds to be made. There will always be (sadly) chores left undone, crystallized peanut butter spoons on


Not That Sorry.

Today my brain feels more like baby oatmeal than a well-functioning brain, so I’ll make this quick. I’m doing far better with my New Year’s Resolution than I originally anticipated. Yes, I’ve definitely said “sorry” a couple of times in the past week (examples: “Sorry, what did you say?” and “Oh, sorry, I thought that was my hippogriff.”) I need to catch myself more quickly and stomp out that reflex


Twenty Thirteen

Apparently, New Years Resolutions are so nineteen ninety-eight, and if you make one you are just proving that you’re older than Taylor Swift (but maybe not older than Babs). Instead, everyone’s making “Happiness Project” lists, and I haven’t read the book because I’m pretty sure I’ll read half and not have time to finish the rest and then I’ll have to explain at a dinner party* that I “sort of”



Those of you who have been following my blog know that a) I made a New Year’s Resolution to stop saying “sorry” and b) my child likes to chew on garbage. I’m happy to report that a) my resolution has been going well so far and b) I am headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond today to get a garbage can with a lid. Regarding point A, I have a


The S Word

It’s really happening. (My New Year’s Resolution). Last night, at ten till midnight, we all went around the table declaring our resolutions, and as soon as I said mine out loud I was filled with an uncomfortable emotional cocktail of dread, anxiety, and that agita you get when you know there’s a good chance you might epically fail at something. I explained to the other guests at the dinner party