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One kid + one kid equals…?

So we’re about to (and when I say about to, I mean in four months, not tomorrow, for God’s sake don’t rush me!) embark on becoming a family of four. We will officially go from being one of those families where the parents outnumber the child to one of those families that’s screwed. Okay, I’m kidding about the screwed part, obviously! (Geez). We’re totally psyched for baby #2. But before


Meet your new co-founder: Daddy

I was recently trying to explain to a friend what one of the biggest unforeseen challenges as a parent has been for me, and I finally figured out a way to pithily sum it up, and that way was this: “Imagine you and your spouse have been going along your merry way for years now, happily coexisting, when BAM! Somebody tells you that you now must run a company together.