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Please don’t read Harry Potter to my kid

There are few things left in life to get truly, giddily excited about, and I can count them on one hand: the next season of Downton Abbey. The day my kid and his future unborn sibling(s) learn to march their little feet safely into the kitchen and pour themselves cereal so I can actually sleep in, i.e., know God, again. Bedazzled yoga pants that can double as formal wear. And


Why Have Kids: Really… Why?

I noticed that a lot of people seemed interested in yesterday’s post, and I’m guessing the title had a little something to do with that. Why Have Kids? That just might be the question of the century. Those of us with kids who find ourselves deliriously in love with these little beings also find ourselves deliriously exhausted — and even after only 14 months, I am starting to understand why there


Why Have Kids?

Leo and I took a quick jog around Bernal Hill yesterday, sloshing through a few puddles along the way, and while I slogged, I thought about this book that I just started reading, and how even after only 10 pages, it had me bursting with ideas for blog posts about *important* stuff that I would really like to talk about here on Mommyproof — everything from breastfeeding to pumping to