Anti Fashion FridayI promised somebody (okay, me) that I’d post an Anti-Fashion Friday, so here it is. Let me preface this by saying that I follow a ton of fashion blogs like Bethanimalprint, Kelly in the City, Lemon Stripes and This Time Tomorrow (go read all of those NOW they’re AMAZING!), I love ogling all the chic looks, and I even imagine a future me taking cute selfies in a pair of uber hip boots and posting them somewhere for my mom to look at. Until that happens, here is Anti-Fashion Friday: pics of myself in the Starbucks bathroom (don’t ask, please, like really, please don’t) in my new pant-skirt and hoodie from Athleta that I will, mostly likely and WITHOUT EXAGGERATION, wear every single day of my life from this day forward until my kid is 18.

This is my first day inhabiting the pant-skirt, and I have to say, after a little bit of apprehension, I have decided that it is DIVINE. The pant-skirt offers you girlishness, athleticism and pizzazz (I did just use that word) all in one, streamlined garment, and I haven’t even told you about how it feels when you touch it. Ethan wasn’t sure about the whole idea until he rubbed his hand along the “backside area” of the frock. Naturally, he was very quickly sold.

Now let’s address my athletic hoodie. It has thumbhole sleeves! Sleeves that wrap your wrists in an embrace. Besides the fact that every time I go to put down a toilet seat and then eat peanut butter, I feel extremely unhygienic, it’s a lovely phenomenon, and I vow to never wear sleeves without holes (intentional or otherwise) ever again.

In conclusion, this hoodie and pant-skirt are giving me a little bit of swing in my step, and maybe that’s sad, but we passed the point of sad a long time ago. Even more important than how I look are the possibilities inherent in this outfit. Who the hell knows if I’ll actually take a run today, BUT I COULD.  

(For the record, I don’t love purple as much as this photo collage would suggest, or even at all. My iphone case is called the Survivor and is purple for ironic purposes. The hoodie is purple because the gray was sold out. Duh).

Happy Friday! What “fashions” help you get through your day in one piece? Leave a comment below with your “must have” mom picks (real, actual fashions are welcome, too). xox