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Yearly Archives: 2015


Two kids are (possibly/sometimes/intermittently) more fun than one.

Since I haven’t written a new post in approximately 100 months, you are likely all thinking that after I had a second child, I realized I just wasn’t cut out for motherhood and had to shut down all essential operations that weren’t directly related to feeding, bathing, napping, and wiping my little ones. Well, you would be 87 percent correct. (The one category you missed, which comprises the other 13


Having a second kid is like having all the kids.

Obviously you’ve heard it before. It’s the refrain of parents of more than one child, and it’s so cliched at this point that you and your big, pregnant belly cringe every time you encounter it: “Once you have that second kid, you’ll never have any free time ever again.”* “Free time?” you scoff. “Please. Like I have any free time now!” But oh, yes, you do. You don’t realize it,