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Yearly Archives: 2013


Pajamas. Obviously.

We now officially have a pajama drawer — or, as our 2yo refers to it, a “night” drawer. Here’s the deal: Leo LOVES all of his pajama shirts, which wouldn’t you, I mean they all have awesome animals on them like bumblebees or tigers or trucks (not technically animals, but tell that to a crane-loving toddler). He loves them so much that when we open up his dresser drawer to


To my kiddo on his second birthday

Dear Leo, It’s your birthday — you’re TWO. I know you’re still mastering that whole “counting” thing, and that’s fine, we love it when you count to Elmo. Anyway, two probably feels kind of like one and not all that different from three, so no worries if you’d rather think about trucks than the meaning of your 730 days on this planet. I used to think two was so “old,”


Have you written that novel yet? Day Two

It’s Day Two of my Writing Diet, and this new “hold myself accountable” thing, well, it’s WORKING… so far. I wrote words yesterday, and maybe they were crap words, but they were words. Today? More words. But most importantly, I’m teaching myself to prioritize. SO WHAT if there are dishes in the sink or beds to be made. There will always be (sadly) chores left undone, crystallized peanut butter spoons on


Have you written that novel yet? Day One

(This post also appears on I’ll be double posting for the time being — feel free to stop by either blog AT ANY MOMENT BECAUSE YOU CAN.) I am writing a novel. I have been writing said novel for a while, which is all well and good and part of the process and writing takes time etc etc. I’ve also found myself pulled in twenty hundred directions lately (get


How do you know what you’re, like, DOING?

I know I’ve written here a million and forty times about how parenting is like a new fuller-than-full-time job, only one you’re not prepared for at ALL, and how collaborating with your partner or spouse on everything from sleep to potty training to WHERE WILL MY KID GO TO SCHOOL is like working with a co-founder you may or may not have ever actively wanted to start a company with.