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Monthly Archives: October 2013


I am a good mom.

This video that seems to be headed towards virality really got me thinking this morning. (Quick summary if you haven’t seen it: moms are their own biggest critics. Videographers turn the tables so the moms can see how much their kiddos love them). All I’ve been thinking since watching it is this: Why do all of these moms think they aren’t good moms (or, at the very least, that they


Toddlers. Mealtime. Venting Session Starts Now.

My post on getting-your-toddler-to-eat is featured today over at The Chic Site – check it out! And read below for a preview. One of my favorite things to talk about is how totally and categorically unprepared I was for parenthood because I had no idea that I’d have to make what are essentially management decisions for a three-foot-tall employee whose favorite word, after Elmo, is “no.” But here I am,


Pajamas. Obviously.

We now officially have a pajama drawer — or, as our 2yo refers to it, a “night” drawer. Here’s the deal: Leo LOVES all of his pajama shirts, which wouldn’t you, I mean they all have awesome animals on them like bumblebees or tigers or trucks (not technically animals, but tell that to a crane-loving toddler). He loves them so much that when we open up his dresser drawer to