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Monthly Archives: August 2013



Hi there, so I’ve been supery dupery busy lately helping my parents move out of their house in North Carolina (yay, Mom and Dad, it’s almost done) and I’ve been to Habitat for Humanity like 17 times and I’ve even been to the Charlotte Mecklenburg dump, above, which I actually found quite poetic, but whatever. Anyway, I’ll be heading back to real life in San Francisco in a few days,


Train tables, home daddies, nerdy good fun.

I ended up taking a somewhat unplanned blogging hiatus these past few weeks, because sometimes life is crazy and hard and even a little meh, and not bloggable. BUT, even though things have been a little meh and not entirely bloggable, there are plenty of awesomely fun things I do want to talk about, like PHOTO SHOOTS IN GOLDEN GATE PARK. I got one for Ethan for his birthday because