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Monthly Archives: July 2013


Teething is a Bitch

If you’ve noticed that I haven’t been blogging with as much abandon over the past month or so (OBVIOUSLY you’ve noticed that, I mean it’s not like you work or have 47 Homeland episodes to catch up on or small mouths to feed), well, that’s because it’s been a hectic summer of mom-ing, writing my novel, getting our house ready to move back into (T minus a couple of weeks!)


Meet your new co-founder: Daddy

I was recently trying to explain to a friend what one of the biggest unforeseen challenges as a parent has been for me, and I finally figured out a way to pithily sum it up, and that way was this: “Imagine you and your spouse have been going along your merry way for years now, happily coexisting, when BAM! Somebody tells you that you now must run a company together.


Please don’t read Harry Potter to my kid

There are few things left in life to get truly, giddily excited about, and I can count them on one hand: the next season of Downton Abbey. The day my kid and his future unborn sibling(s) learn to march their little feet safely into the kitchen and pour themselves cereal so I can actually sleep in, i.e., know God, again. Bedazzled yoga pants that can double as formal wear. And