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Monthly Archives: June 2013


To the mom with the freaking Elmo cup

Dear mom who brought the Elmo sippy cup of orange juice to music class today: I totally understand why your child has an Elmo straw cup. It’s cute, but that’s not why you bought it. You bought it because it’s a lifesaving tool, and I know you probably thanked the gods of dinnertime when you found it on Amazon, ordered it, and then saw how your child gravitated to it


My toddler, the ex-con

I made a giant parenting error yesterday. I decided that since it had been months since I’d gone clothes shopping in the physical (ie, not online) world, just maybe, perhaps, possibly I could pack up my 20-month-old and take him downtown for an hour or two to return some stuff and inevitably pick up some cute Baby Gap gear for him, which is what I do because I have nothing


To the mom who freaked out on the plane

To the mom who freaked out on the plane last night: I know you are probably a little embarrassed about how you totally flipped the heck out at the flight attendant yesterday as we were flying from New York to San Francisco. Obviously, it is not her fault that we sat on the tarmac for an extra 1.5 hours or that United actively chose to NOT put changing tables on


Discipline? Wait — is that a thing?

You know how you have one of those things you’re always going around saying, I mean writing on your blog, and everyone nods and is like “Yeah, obviously” but then nothing ever changes because we as a society hate change or something? Well, my favorite one of those things to say is that pre-baby preparation¬†is so totally unhelpful and probably even counterproductive, because almost nothing you “prepare” in those months


Dear Everybody: I need 3,285 hours of sleep a year. Sweet Dreams, Rebecca.

Kiddo and Husband and I are on a trip to the East Coast, which is good because a) getting away for a while means I won’t be so sick of the playgrounds when we return b) we’re getting to see family and friends and they are infinitely delighted by my kid (score!) and c) there’s a chance I’ll have to do fewer dishes for the next two weeks. The trip